GeoApe Tracker

GeoApe Online Tracking enables you to share your live location and your current track with your friends and family. Instead of sharing your GPS tracklogs after your adventure in GeoApe, you can share your tracklog right away!
It is free and no registration is required!

How Does It Work?

1. Download the 'GeoApe Tracker' mobile application to your phone. It's free!
2. Start tracking your route. Your location will be uploaded to GeoApe and a route will be created automatically.
3. Share your GeoApe route link with your family and friends. No fees or registration needed!

About Your Privacy

1. Your location and tracklog will only be visible to the persons you share your track link.
2. GeoApe Tracker only tracks your position when you have started tracking.
3. Your track will be available for viewing for 6 months. Later your tracks will be deleted permanently.
4. GeoApe Trackers' Privacy Policy can be found here.